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CES showed us smart displays will be the new normal

Before the start of CES 2018, the only real smart speakers with a display were the Amazon Echo Show and the Echo Spot. But now that Google has partnered with several manufacturers to make a whole line of Echo Show rivals, a bona fide new devic...

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Should a criminal record ban you from the sharing economy?

It’s remarkable how one moment of drunken madness can have lifelong repercussions. Almost a decade ago, a 19-year old Michaela Booth found herself in the midst of a drunken fracas in a nightclub. It was a mistake that resulted in a judge sentencing Boo...

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Our obsession with AI shouldn’t get in the way of good UX

Artificial Intelligence is the big buzzword of today. If you are a digital designer, there’s a good chance that a quick scroll through your RSS reader, Twitter feed, or Slack channels will show you more instances of the term “AI” than you would see jus...

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That’s not how any of this works: Optimistic tech reporting isn’t going to ruin AI

Winter is coming, but fear not. According to the experts, we won’t need Jon Snow to save us — it’s only coming for our machines. Gary Marcus, an AI expert and Professor of Psychology at NYU, Tuesday published a fascinating white-paper. It basically ser...

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Amazon and Google lost money on smart speakers while Apple just plain lost

There are few greater sights for consumers with weary wallets than seeing tech giants duke it out for our affection. When companies compete consumers win. And last year, shoppers got a lot of love when both Google and Amazon slashed prices in an effort...

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Comcast celebrates repeal of net neutrality by hiking prices in 2018

Comcast, still feasting on its holiday bounty in the form of net neutrality’s carcass, is starting 2018 off by doing what it does best: price gouging its customers. Along with AT&T, DishTV, and several other providers, it will raise prices in Janua...

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