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Windows 9 – What’s new?

Everyone wants to know that what exactly Windows 9 and when it will be released? Well, relax here is the expected release date of Windows 9, leaked screenshots of Windows 9 as well as how the start menu of Windows 9 looks and what are the changes? Let’s hope for the better.

Arguably the Windows 9 is an essential release of software in the history of Microsoft. The Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1 Update 1 has created a small effort to reconstruct the damage by its latest, and unpopular largely, operating system, thus it is clear that Microsoft requires giving one more Windows 7 and it should not be a style of Windows Vista leading to disappointment.

The release date of Windows 9: When we will see Windows 9?

A lot of rumors are spreading all around about the release date of Windows 9. However, it was suggested that it’s released is for 2015 April, which would be done in just 2 years after the release of Windows 8. Reasonably this would be a safer bet for fewer reasons:

  1. As Windows 8 is really struggling alot, so it is very important to have a next type of Windows to overcome the issues related to previous window.
  2. A suggestion was made that there must be reduced time period for releases.

For certain, we do not know the news yet, however it is clear reasonably that a change will be seen by Windows 9 in the selling of it by Microsoft, and one more assumption is that the price of this version would be less as compared to the previous ones. The two information sources available on this matter are WZOR (one more time) as well as respected journalist, and the expert by Microsoft, named as Mary Jo Foley. The believe of WZOR is that there will be free base operating system, with several additional features which will cost a bit extra as a subscription part. This might take the enterprise features form which cost extra in a same way as Office 365.

Meanwhile, Foley believes that the Windows 9 would count free, however only with no desktop. This is something constant with the latest policy of Microsoft whereby certain price or size of products are efficiently duty free from the licensing fee.

Screenshots of Windows 9: What you expect from it?

Different screenshot present is the only certified idea for a future Windows release presently; however it consists of several signs than what actually the Start Menu of the Windows 9 would like to be.
Among several Modern Start Screen criticisms observed in the Windows 8 was that people were forced to utilize the full screen applications when it was not essential. If this change would be solved then people will more enjoy this Windows.


What would be new in Windows 9?

In addition, already what exactly we know is coming; lots of things are there present to be sort out in Windows 9:

1) Improved High DPI monitors support.
2) Small amount secreted UI elements.
3) Additional Metro applications
4) Small OS size.

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