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You can now buy a fully functioning macOS laptop for only $329

You read that right. You can now buy a fully functioning Mac for only $329. Well, until Apple sends out a cease and desist letter. The HacBook Elite is a so-called Hackintosh laptop that’s capable to run macOS and is quick enough to boot in only 15 seconds. It comes inside a HP laptop …

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The Truth About Freelancing And Outsourcing

Freelancers and outsourcing are considered as the options that are not included in several businesses’ world. The topmost advantage of freelancers as well as outsourcing is that it covered almost every area of business. Generally, Freelancers do short-term responsibilities for several businesses and run other business at the same time …

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Info: .HTACCESS AND ROBOTS.TXT How Valuable these two files are?

Tiny little files have huge contribution towards your website existence. The more tiny they are in size the more powerful features they have. But one should now play with these files without experience; especially when it comes to RegEx. these files can expose your server to the security threats, can …

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