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What was Steve Jobs going to do before dying?

We were all upset when Steve Jobs, the father of Apple and rightly the father of technology died. Steve Jobs was a forward thinker, an optimist who was always looking to revolutionize the world. He gave us the iPhone which laid the foundation of smartphones and the iPad which laid the foundation of tablet computers. Meanwhile another product namely the iPod series revolutionized the music industry and the music buying behavior of the consumers.

He did all the stuff mentioned above. There was something ahead too. What was he thinking to revolutionize now? Was he thinking to invent a new gadget or make something new out of already existing technology. Well this may surprise you but the answer is that Steve Jobs was going to revolutionize  the television.

Some critics say that the result is Apple TV but we believe that Apple TV was only step one. There was always going to be more to it if Steve Jobs existed. We dont know what but whatever it would have been had the capability to revolutionize the television industry.

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