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Snapchat’s next big step. What is it?

It was not a long time ago that Snapchat took it’s first step into the social media industry. We have literally seen this application starting as a baby and booming up to the biggest players in the industry. Most of the youngsters who own smartphones use snapchat regularly, even more than Facebook or whatsapp to connect to their loved ones. But innovation and business doesn’t stop right?

After the launch of instagram stories, Snapchat has realized that competitors are trying to modify their idea and thus have been lately thinking to diversify their sources of revenue. In the coming years, we might see Snapchat in the hardware business. Snapchat has already joined the Bluetooth Special interest Group which takes care of the Bluetooth development standards and licences the technology who incorporate it into their devices.

There has been no clear public release about when snapchat joined the group but what we can extrapolate from this big news is that Like Facebook which is also diversifying towards Hardware and VR, Snapchat is not lagging behind in any case.

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