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Skype Realtime Translation in Future

Skype has been the most commonly used VOIP software around the globe. Free video conferencing as well as affordable oversees calling services have added to the software’s popularity over the years. Microsoft has announced a new update for Skype – Realtime Translation. Developed over a period of fifteen years, the feature is going to introduce an exciting new future for Skype.

The Basics

The feature will allow real-time translation during Skype calls. A number of languages can be translated during your conversations. At the moment, successful translation of English language to German has been tested. The translations are not, however, perfectly accurate yet. Still, both parties in the conversation have been able to understand each other. More research and development will deal with glitches and make translations accurate.

The Targeted Audience

Who is the Realtime Translation feature going to benefit? There is quite a large group of audience eager for the update. Included in this group are folks seeking jobs abroad. Skype has always been a common means of conducting online interviews. The translation feature will make it easy for employers and potential employees of different nationalities to understand each other during such interviews.

Secondly, students going to study abroad can also use the feature for conversing with fellow students, supervisors and other members of their institute to build an early understanding before finally starting their study program.


Microsoft and Skype have not yet revealed whether the feature would be free or a certain amount of fee would be charged for its use. Eager audience expects Reatime Translation’s availability for both free and paid Skype calls. The feature is expected to be released by the last quarter of 2014 for Windows 8 users. Whether it would come out with multi-platform functionality or would be solely designed for Windows users is not yet known.

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