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Skype alpha released for Linux users by Microsoft

Microsoft, a well renowned tech giant and one of the key players in the IT market has rolled out the Alpha version of its Skype app for Linux , the officials said on 13th July.

The Alpha version of Skype for Linux may be a new, webRTC version of the Skype for the Linux application. Albeit the app being in a totally functioning condition, there are many variations between the new Skype for Linux Alpha and the predecessor versions of Skype for the Linux users.

This move reaffirms Redmond’s commitment to Skype on the platform following years of neglegation. Upgrades to the present version embrace a quicker and additional responsive computer programme and therefore the ability to share files, photos, videos, and emoticons.


The Skype for Linux Alpha is very capable of placing calls to the other users anywhere around the globe using the updated versions of Skype on Windows, Mac and the leading mobile phone platforms namely Android and the iOS.

Unlike a Utopian world, everything in this world has a drawback. A drawback of this alpha version is that it is not built to make or receive calls to from the previous version of Skype for Linux.

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