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The secret about Windows 10 you dont know

It is not a long time ago, we were exalted and amazed to find out that Windows 10 was available for download. We would wait for it to be installed so that we could experience the all new operating system by Microsoft we thought could change our lives.

When we had a first glance at the desktop the first thought that battered against our minds was that “Wait! I’ve seen this before”. It was just like the windows 7. It made us a bit disappointed but when we pressed the home button or the windows button it suddenly appeared as if it were some modified form of Windows 8, which it is. We were happy to use it although it didnt change our lives at all but there was no reason to be sad at all. Afterall, we were using the latest OS in our computers.

Unfortunately, We have a reason to be sad now. The reason being some reports that claim that Windows 10 collects some unprecedented amount of data. The major part of this data sent back to Microsoft, according to the reports, is consumed by the Cortana app which was the exclusive feature of Windows 10.

All those people who ignored the notification for the Upgrade to Windows 10 now seem to be happy instead of the people who were happy to experience the latest OS. Whether these reports are true or not, we dont know but we expect more news like this in the near future and if this comes out to be true, Microsoft would have some serious public relations to do. There have been no clarification statements by Microsoft yet.

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