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Qmobile’s Flawed Security System for Text Messages

A new hype is going on about Qmobile’s flawed security system for text messages. The company offers a range of affordable phablets with top-notch features. However, this recent discovery about Qmobile’s internal design flaw might make potential buyers change their mind.

Read on to find out more about this recently discovered shortcoming of Qmobile gadgets.

The Offered Security System

Qmobile offers built-in security for a user’s text messages. This involves password protection. This security is required in order to protect a user’s personal data from cybercriminals and malicious applications from Android’s Play Store. Most apps ask permission to have access to your SMS. Some of the apps can manipulate your information for the purpose of stealing your data and performing identity theft. Qmobile, therefore, offers password protection for your text messages as an option for you to keep your personal data safe.

The Security Flaw

Recent tests performed by experts have revealed a serious flaw with this security system for SMS. It has been discovered that password protection is not enough to keep your text messages safe from apps which have been granted permission to have access to your SMS.

The Solution

The existing users of Qmobile need not worry as there is a solution to this problem. The best way of protecting your data, including text messages, is to use encryption software. Encryption is the process of coding your data when you transfer it across other devices. Your encrypted data cannot be decoded by malicious third parties. Even applications which have permission to read your SMS will not be able to decode the encrypted data. Therefore, the use of encryption software has been suggested by experts in order to deal with the security flaw which exists in all Qmobile gadgets.

Here is the Video QMobile Noir A20 Password Protected Message Bypass By Rafay Baloch (A well Known White Hat Hacker)

QMobile Noir A20 Password Protected Message Bypass By Rafay Baloch from Rafay Baloch on Vimeo.

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