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The all new One Plus 3

One Plus might be a new name for some people but it would be a bit unfair not calling this company a producer stupendous gadgets. Recently, a new version has been rolled out by them namely the One Plus 3 which has astonished the geeks all around the world.


The One Plus 3 offers a great deal of specifications and features for a “More than Reasonable” price of only $399 in US. However price may vary in different countries depending upon the distribution costs incurred during the process.

So what charismatic features of this phone amazes the people all around the world? Well firstly, the phone is offered at an excellent price that no one would expect keeping in account the features this phone offers. Secondly the features, even if the phone was expensive, would have sounded amazing. These features include

  1. 6GB of RAM
  2. Fast Charging feature that can charge upto 60% of the phone in just 30 minutes
  3. Optic Amoled Display
  4. A metallic body and a sleeky design
  5. Easy to root

The One Plus 3 offers a unique experience to it’s customers and those who want to try it might as well do it because the phone is offered at an extremely reasonable price. More to follow

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