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A newer beta version of the iOS 10 available for download

We recently discussed about the release of the first beta version of iOS 10. While i was writing the article, I did not expect another beta version coming out soon. Looks like Apple is stuck in the beta testing and business analysis part of the product development whilst the product being the iOS 10 itself.

The 2nd beta version of the MacOS Seirra has also been made available for download by Apple. The good news is that you wont have to pay an extra 99 bucks for the developer account.

ios 10 beta2

Apple has released the newer beta version of the iOS for various reasons. Firstly the reported bugs have been taken care of that were found in the improved messaging application that incorporated many features. Secondly, nominal improvements have been made that would not be visible to the end consumers like us but would greatly affect the application developing process and trouble the developers.

Public beta version will allow people to get acquainted with the iOS 10 and also allow the developers to update the compatibility of their applications. The final version for commercial use will be available this fall for the consumers as claimed by Apple. Analysts expect the date to be the 2nd last week of September.

Albeit being the release date of the iOS, the month of September holds immense importance because of the release of the all new iPhone 7. Stay tunes to ITExplorida.com for more news and updates

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