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Mobilink launches 3G for it’s Postpaid users

Mobilink announced the launch of 3G services for it’s ‘Postpaid’ users. Now with the launch taking place, the free 3G service given to postpaid customers by Mobilink which was being used for the last few months.

The different bundles for the Postpaid customers by Mobilink, although they were a little lazy to introduce 3G for it’s postpaid customers, is set at Rs 18/MB.

The rates are given as below:

    • 3G Monthly Mini – 3 GB Monthly limit: Rs. 500 per month
    • 3G Monthly Max – 8 GB Monthly Limit: Rs. 1,000 per month
    • 3G Out-bundle – 1 GB Monthly Limit: Rs. 200 per month
    • Pay as you go: Rs. 18 per MB, while charging pulse is 64 KB

Those who want to subscribe for the 3G bundles, they can do it so by dialling *446# from their phone & thus selecting the bundle of their choice. As an alternative, one can also subscribe to these bundles by calling 111 or visiting the nearest franchise in their locality.


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