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iPhone 7 Release Date Announced

It has come to our attention that Apple Inc has set an event in the city of San Fransisco, California, where it will unveil the most anticipated gadget of 2017 i.e the iPhone 7

The date is, what we expected to be and also discussed in many of our previous posts. The date when Apple will unveil the new iPhone is September 7, 2017.

As the dates comes closer and closer until it becomes a matter of few hours, Apple’s new iPhone is expected to have changes in design. The new iPhone is probably going to be a much bigger one but the size is not going to cross the line where we start call it a phablet.

Also, Apple is going to celebrate it’s 10th iPhone anniversary so this time around, we believe that things are actually going to change. Ofcourse Apple would not want to disappoint the customers on the 10th anniversary. Also the other reason we can justify the rumor of a better iPhone is that the sales have been plummeting for a couple of years  and competition had taken over. Apple should have done some rethinking and changing of strategies as being one of the most valuable companies worldwide, they wouldn’t want any competitor to emulate them.

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