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What the iPhone 7 actually needs

Well it has been almost a decade since Apple launched it’s first iPhone headed by Steve Jobs and innovation never stopped until the day he died. iPhone itself gave birth to a new era of Smart Phones which continues to live forever. But sadly, the other companies that started manufacturing their smartphones after being inspired by Apple not only have emulated it but also gone far ahead of it in many aspects.

Today, we talk about one of the innovative features the iPhone really needs. We do remember when the iPhone 4 was released along with the iPod touch 4G, Apple introduced retina display that had never been introduced before. But as the other companies capitalized on the concept while Apple kept ignoring the fact that they needed more innovation after Steve Jobs died, Apple has been left behind in many aspects particularly the display that they incorporate on their iPhones.

Manufacturers have introduced 1080p HD screens in this era and what we expect from Apple is a much better screen that not only revives Apple’s image of innovativeness but also gives life to a new concept that other companies can capitalize on so that the industry improves in general.

Since steve jobs died, Apple has only been adorning and polishing the hardware and the software that was in the iPhone 4. Today, a new concept is required and we believe that Apple still has the capability to retain it’s image as a innovative company by looking at the fact that a large amount of their money is being spent on research and development.

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