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Introduction to 3D Pen : A Doodler

A 3D pen, also known as 3D Doodler, is a unique gadget designed for fun art projects. It combines the functionality of a 3D printer and a hot glue gun. In other words, it accomplishes what a 3D printer can by melting plastic like a hot glue gun. It is loaded with plastic filaments which are melted to form any shape you like. Unlike 3D printers, a 3D pen is much more portable, affordable and easy to use. It can be used for fun activities or for creating plastic objects for business purpose.

The Main Components

In order to understand how a 3D doodler pen works, it is important to know what its main components are. These are mentioned below.

  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Electrical plug
  • Pen Tip
  • Rubber Protector
  • Speed Controllers
  • Mount

The Working Mechanism

The working mechanism of a 3D pen is very simple. Unlike a 3D printer, you are not required to use any software program. Simply use the pen to create the object you like – plastic action figures, hair accessories for kids or any plastic object just for fun.

The portion at the back of the pen is where you load the plastic filaments. These filaments are available in different colors to give you options. You can create objects in different colors. The tip at the front is where the plastic filaments come out melted. The tip gets very hot like a glue gun. In order to avoid overheating, a fan has been incorporated.

Plug in the gadget in a power socket. There is a 6 feet cord for convenience. Turn on the power switch in order to heat up the gadget to melt the plastic filaments. Simply draw in the air. The plastic will start flowing out of the tip and will form the shape you are drawing.

Pros of 3D Pen

Is it worth buying a 3D pen? Mentioned below are some positive points about the gadget which make it worthy of your money.

  • It is a cool and innovative gadget with none other of its kind out there in the market.
  • A 3D pen is more affordable as compared to a 3D printer.
  • The gadget is very simple to use.
  • Unlike 3D printers, a 3D pen is portable.

Cons of 3D Pens

Those who are amazed by this fun gadget should know that there are also certain shortcomings associated with it. Have a look at the following cons of a 3D pen before buying it.

  • Although the pen is portable, it needs to be plugged in to a power socket. This limits the use of the gadget.
  • A 3D printer gives you various options with regard to the material used for the creation of objects. Plastic, glass, ceramic and even chocolate and cheese can be used. However, with 3D pens, you can only create plastic objects.
  • The pen’s tip can get very hot. It is not safe to be used by kids.

Manufacturers are expected to come up with improvements in the gadget in future. For now, despite its shortcomings, it is still an innovative device which attracts art lovers for their fun projects.

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