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Instagram’s Stories feature. What is it?

Instagram, a world renowned platform for online photo sharing, now has stories on it’s application. Earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook which now owns Instagram announced that the feature will be available in the application tonight and can be experienced once the users update the application.

The Instagram stories works similar to the Snapchat, which took the world by storm not so long time ago. Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg said about the release of this new feature on instagram earlier today.


“We’re launching Instagram Stories today.Stories let you share a series of videos or photos — and have them disappear after 24 hours. You’ll see stories from the people you follow at the top of your feed, and a ring around their profile picture tells you when their story has been updated.This is the latest step in putting video at the center of all our services. People are already creating and sharing more video, so we’re going to make it even easier.If you want to see an example of what an Instagram story looks like, update your Instagram app and follow @serenawilliams. I’ll also be posting one today. I’m @zuck. Let us know what you think”

However, some fans are not happy about this feature. They say Facebook and Mark zuckerberg, who had been so innovative throughout the years are now trying to copy Snapchat. We will have to wait and see whether this feature becomes a success or a failure. Dont waste any of your time and download the application to experience it and let us know in the comments what you like or dislike about the feature.

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