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Huawei Matebook is here. What are the pros and cons?

It must have been astounding to some people reading the title of this article about Huawei entering the notebook market, Finally a Chinese vendor other than Lenovo customers can trust on. Huawei, with it’s diversed product line ranging from telecommunication infrastructure to mobile phones to notebooks and other products finds itself as an emerging technological power in the modern day business.

We had a look at this amazing piece of technology, the Huawei Matebook. The price of this notebook seems to be fair for the features it offers to the customers.


A sleek design, along with the Core M processors not only make the device light but also make it silent as this processor does not require rowdy fans.


This device can be placed somewhere in between the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface as it offers all the features of notebooks yet it is not bulkier like the Surface.

While using this stupendous gadget, we found out that the speakers produce quality sound which we hadn’t experienced while reviewing other gadgets.



A realist approach to anything is accepting the fact that not everything is perfect. Neither is this device, the Huawei Matebook. One of the major drawbacks of the Huawei Matebook is that the Core M processor it incorporates can become a bit sluggish at times and some webpages and applications might take some time to load. Secondly, the keyboard is not shipped with the device meaning you will have to separately purchase it.

All in all, this device is the one to experience. However, I would not recommend it to heavy notebook users who have gruesome tasks to do all day long. Stay tuned to ITExplorida for more news and updates.


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