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Headphone Jack likely to be removed from the new iPhone

It has been rumored that the 3.55mm headphone jack from the iPhone, a  tradition that has been passing along from the older versions, is likely to be removed from the new version. A totally wireless iPhone would mean not only exorbitant price of the iPhone, but also the headphones would be expensive, if needed to be repaired.

CNBC, a renowned business news channel conducted a survey asking people whether they would be pleased with the major change the new iPhone is expected to have. Interestingly, most of the people  unhappy with Apple not incorporating the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone.

Since this is still a rumor and it might not be true, we all know how Apple loves to astonish the fans at the last moment. However, this rumor is based upon the fact that a Apple wanting a slimmer iPhone, slimmer than ever, would not want a thick 3.5 mm jack since it takes up a lot of space.

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Apple must have a turnaround strategy planned out for them since the iPhone sales in 2016 were not as much as Apple wanted to be. Since then, Apple has applied different strategic marketing tactics on their iTunes business unit working on the pricing strategies and laying out new policies to entice more people to buy the applications.

Apple can not condone further decrease in their iPhone sales after the iPhone 7 is released. Only time will tell, whether these rumors hold true and even if they do, will Apple be able to rejuvenate the sales of iPhone after the new release or will the iPhone 7 be another disappointment for the customers. Stay tuned to ITExplorida to find out more about the iPhone 7 release date, features and specifications.

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