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Google’s new tool to find the perfect Android phone

If you are thinking of buying your new smartphone, your hottest choices will probably be Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android). If you want an iPhone, the alternatives are few because Apple only makes iPhones. However the world of Android OS is loaded with many totally different models from many makers.

Google contains a new on-line facilitation tool that helps you selecting the proper phone.The new phone selector tool begins by asking you what you employ your phone for. As you\’ll be able to see within the screens, a number of the “what you employ your phone for” choices embrace music, gaming, productivity, and a number of other others.

The nice thing here is that the tool doesn’t essentially pressure you or urge you to buy the most recent or perhaps the latest dear devices, and will just do an inexpensive job of matching you up with phones that meet your desires. For those who have lot of problems concerning specs than actual user expertise, the tool is lacking making choices for selecting stuff just like the chipset maker, the quantity of storage choices, etc, however it\’s still an excellent plan and is honestly a lot of in gear towards casual users than the ability user sort anyhow.

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