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Google Self Driving Car – Google

Ever desired for an elegant chauffeur driven car? Google has made the dream come true in an innovative way. There would be a car. You would sit back and enjoy the drive. But instead of a human chauffeur, a software program would be behind the steering wheel, except for the fact that there would be no real steering wheel! This is the concept which defines Google’s driver less car.

The driver less car project promises a new level of technology which is still under development. Also termed as autonomous car or robot car, it would completely take over from human drivers. A drive which is carried out through the accuracy of a software program would reduce the chances of accidents. In addition, it is also going to deal with the issue of drunk driving. Moreover, the passengers can travel anywhere regardless of the time of the day or health conditions. A software program never gets tired nor is it ever impaired by poor health conditions. Google’s driver less car would, therefore, always be ready to take its owners out for a spin.

The amazing software behind this promising wonder is known as Google Chauffeur. A steering wheel is not the only missing feature of the car. Instead, you are not going to find a brake pedal or an accelerator either. These components are replaced by a single sensor which is controlled by the vehicle’s software. This sensor makes all the decisions regarding when to speed up and when to slow down or come to a halt. It also responds to the buttons which are used to start or stop the car.

More sensors in the driver less car perform the important job of detecting obstacles and nearby objects. Vehicles and other objects as far as six hundred feet away can be detected. This is important for a drive on busy roads.

The car will take its passengers to their destination through directions obtained from Google Maps. All you are required to do is provide your destination as input. The car’s software would then take you there through its own driving decisions and smart navigation.

So far, Google has only focused on the development of technology for its driver less car. As the software is developed and perfected, there aren’t going to be any improvements in the exterior design or the interior. The car is small with room for only two passengers. There is a little space for luggage as well. Other than this, there is nothing much to boast about.
One more downside to Google’s driveless car is its maximum speed. You will definitely reach your destination safe and sound, but it will take you quite a while. The car cannot go beyond its maximum speed of twenty-five miles per hour.

At the moment, Google is busy in the development of the first prototypes of driver less car. These would include manual controls as well for safety testing. Once the prototypes pass the safety test, Google would introduce a pilot program which would be succeeded by the final release of this amazing car for the masses.

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