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Ericsson getting furious competition from it’s competitors

It seems like Ericsson, the company which had a divorce with Sony over the Sony Ericsson venture after Sony bought over 70% of it’s shares, is being constituted a threat from Huawei and Nokia, the two most fiery competitors in the networking and telecommunications market. Remind you that although Ericsson has a vast portfolio ranging from cloud services to network infrastructure e.g CDMA and GSM deployment to business intelligence services and much more but Ericsson’s most prolific business unit has been network infrastructure where it is competing with Huawei and Nokia.


Analysts predict a 9% drop in sales and a 22% drop in the net income of Ericsson for the second quarter annual report. The decrease of share price rumors by the investors have been discarded by the officials.

Albeit having a cut throat competition from Huawei, ZTE and Nokia, Ericsson has been able to provide valuable B2B products, services and utilities over the years envisioning a networked society. Without a company over 37000 patents and a heavy R&D investement i.e Ericcson, it would not have been possible to share files over bluetooth, to gain access to your banking services from your phone anywhere in the world.

The company with it’s headquarters in stockholm will soon release the 2nd quarterly report. Based on the financials, we will further analyse how the company is performing and how critical it’s performance is for development of a network society. Stay tuned to ITExplorida.com for more news and updates.

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