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Google Glass – an Overview, Available for US Consumers

As wearable mobile technology thrills the world, tech geeks flock around Samsung’s Galaxy Gear as well as the much more exciting Google Glass. The latter is a portable Android-based smartphone device which operates in a hands-free format. After Google Glass Explorer Edition, the gadget finally hit the market in May 2014. Sold like hot cakes, Google Glass stock was completely swept off the shelves during its limited 24-hours sale in the United States.

The Basics

This tiny computer – housed in a titanium frame – is worn like spectacles and controlled through natural voice commands as well as touch gestures. The display is right in front of the user’s eyes with a touchpad at the side. The interface displays features in a timeline-like format. Swiping back and forth lets you view the weather, photos, the calls log and so on.


Google Glass comes in the form of a light-weight, lens-less frame. This frame can be bent in order to make adjustments for better fit as preferred by different individuals. The right arm of the frame holds a tiny screen which is displayed above the user’s right eye. The thick portion at the back is where the battery, touchpad, speaker and various buttons reside. For giving more frame options to users, Google developed a partnership with popular eye wear legends, such as Ray Ban.

Voice Commands

The most interesting feature of this revolutionary device is its ability to follow voice commands. This feature is activated by tapping the touchpad and saying “OK Glass”. From this point on, users can ask their wearable smartphone to perform any action from making a call to taking pictures. Google Glass can also be asked for directions, for loading a certain app or for browsing the internet – all through natural voice commands.


Google Glass houses a 5 MP camera. Apart from stills, ten seconds long 720p videos can also be recorded. Although these specs offers no competition to the much more superior cameras of smartphone giants like Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC, the ability to click pictures and shoot videos through voice commands gives Google Glass an edge.

Screen Sharing

Users can share what they are currently viewing on their Google Glass with their Hangout contacts. In addition, live video sharing is also possible. Through this live stream option, users are able to share precious moments in real-time.

App Collection

Google Glass brings a collection of top-notch apps which contribute towards the impressive functionality of this device. Among others, Follow My Glass is an extremely useful application which helps you keep track of your device in case you misplace it. Similarly, Glossaic can be your new social network for sharing photos and videos while Google Now provides regular weather updates and useful directions when you are travelling. In addition, a plethora of other apps, including Circles, Google Maps, social network integration and language translating apps can also be enjoyed.

The Bottom-line

Google Glass is a groundbreaking device which promises to make your life effortless by letting you communicate with your contacts, search for information, take pictures and browse the internet in the most convenient way possible. However, Glass also comes with a set of drawbacks. Firstly, it is pricey with limited availability at the moment. Secondly, it leads to other issues such as privacy concerns as well as personal safety. Immersed in your Google Glass display, you would be more prone to accidents while walking down the road or driving. Potential buyers should, therefore, take these concerns into account before going ahead with the purchase of their own Google Glass.

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