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Google decides to put an end to Chrome Apps.

Do you frequently use or are a big fan of Google’s Chrome apps for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS?  If you do there’s 2 things to tell you. 1) You are amongst the very few people who use these apps 2) Google is going to cut them off from their browser “Google Chrome”.

Google is killing these applications on the basis that not that many people are using the applications on Google Chrome and that is the reason they would be cutting them off for both Mac and Windows in future.


Google Chrome Applications known as “Chrome Apps” are basically apps that require Google Chrome to run. There are a plethora of applications available, which incorporate Applications such as Google Hangouts, Keep etc.

The draw back of the applications was that you had to keep chrome running in the background for these applications to work and with the era of smartphones where you get pop up notifications even if your cat wakes up, no one needs to use a party that had to be kept running and using the ram to give you notifications.

However, there is some good news for the people used to chrome applications. Google is not going to cut off these applications immediately and an approximate time of two years will be when you wont see these applications anymore. However some of the applications will be cut off by the end of this year.

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