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The failure of Microsoft-Nokia Venture

Well, Microsoft’s one of the very few ‘Biggest mistakes” is that they partnered with Nokia. Partnering with Nokia not only brought down Microsoft but also was the harbinger of the Plummet of already vulnerable Nokia.

Nokia, on the other side acquiesced to Microsoft for acquiring it’s mobile devices. The approximate amount of money spent or what you’d rather call “wasted” by Microsoft on this unsuccessful venture comes around to be atleast 8 billion dollars. Well, that might not mean everything to Microsoft but this amount surely was enough to bring Nokia down.

For those of you who are thinking that Nokia is all over, it is too early to say it, I suggest. Nokia still competes in the telecommunication infrastructure market where it is getting a cut throat competition from Ericsson, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent. If Nokia manages to develop itself as a telecommunication infrastructure provider and diversify it’s portfolios into different telecommunication services, I still believe that Nokia has a decent future in this industry since the future that lies ahead is going to be focused on telecommunication services since a networked society is what the people believe going to solve every problem that the humanity faces right now be it medical, educational, law, relationship etc.

It might not be appropriate to speculate the amount of success that lies ahead of Nokia but I can confidently say to you, Nokia is going to be back.

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