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Around 7 Million Accounts’ Passwords Of Dropbox Are Supposedly Hacked

The customers of internet are facing a huge number of privacy issues in the previous two months. The topmost present in the list stated as The Fappening as well as The Snappening along with the latest issue privacy in the security of Dropbox has attained the attention of every person all over the globe.

Famous service as online locker known as Dropbox seems to be hacked by an unidentified group as hacker. Still It is not clear that how anyone can be able to access the details of so many accounts and with out any doubt, if actually they are lawful or not. On the other hand, such group asserts to have got the details from the individual account of around 7 million as well as is frightening to let go the videos and photos of the users along with the other documents.

A Claim Was Made By The Hackers To Free The Personal Data Of 7 Million Clients

Today on the Reddit, A thread like surfaced that comprises of the links for such files which contain various usernames as well as passwords for accounts of Dropbox in the plain text. In addition, different posts range is there having hundreds of suspected usernames with their passwords for the accounts of Dropbox have been prepared for the Pastebin which is an anonymous website for sharing information.

Dropbox Said That There Is Third Party Responsible For Hacking:

Though, the Dropbox has are accepting the hacking issue, stating the passwords were apparently stolen from the services of third-party that allowed the customers to access the complete details of their accounts.

It Is Advisable To Change Their Account’s Passwords

In anticipation of the complete scope of the difficulty is identified, probably it is valuable to change your password. Other than either the hacking attack is established or not, an appropriate suggestion is to change your password to get yourself on the more safe side.


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