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You can now buy a fully functioning macOS laptop for only $329

You read that right. You can now buy a fully functioning Mac for only $329. Well, until Apple sends out a cease and desist letter. The HacBook Elite is a so-called Hackintosh laptop that’s capable to run macOS and is quick enough to boot in only 15 seconds. It comes inside a HP laptop …

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Use this All-in-One Messenger for Almost every popular Messenger and chat like a boss

You love speaking with your family in Skype, but your significant other prefers to chat over WhatsApp. Your friends are pretty active on Messenger, but you have to go through Slack to reach your colleagues for work emergencies. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably using way too many chat clients – and you can’t be all that happy …

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The startup that has taken the world by storm now opens in Lahore

A UAE based startup namely “Careem” is an application that helps you to find cabs of different types including economy class, business class etc. The startup operates in UAE, Saudi Arabia and some middle east countries with their recent office been inaugurated recently in Lahore. The application automatically makes a request …

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Apple launches Swift Playgrounds for iPad to teach kids to code

Apple today announced Swift Playgrounds for the iPad, a new project that aims to teach kids to code in Swift. When you first open it, Swift Playground presents you with a number of basic coding lessons, as well as challenges. The interface looks somewhat akin to Codecademy, but it’s far more graphical and playful, which makes …

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