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Apple watch now available for $199.

It has been somewhere close to a year when Apple released it smart-watch namely the Apple Watch which became the talk of the town soon after it’s release. The Apple Watch which was perfectly finished with injection of technology came at a price $349 which made many people envy it and also some manufacturers emulate it.

The same watch is now available for $199 at Best Buy. You wont be able to get all the versions of the Apple Watch at $199 though because the sale is only for the 38mm Space Grey Color version. But as they say, never waste an opportunity you didn’t expect.

Being a student of Business Studies , I believe the reason behind this plummeted price for the Apple Watch is to clear shelf space for the Apple Watch 2 or maybe because the price of Apple watch 1 is going to be lower than $199 which is going to be set by Apple. Thus by clearing their shelves to a good price of $199, Best Buy would be better off as they would’ve been selling these watches for a lower amount.

Besides this space gray version, other Apple Watches are available at lower prices too. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab an Apple watch before it runs out of stock and be prepared to experience the WatchOS 3 update which is going to be available soon.

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