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7 Common iOS Bugs and the Way to Fix These Bugs

Finally the Apple has released few time before the update for iOS 7 for its iPhone, the iPad as well as iPod touch, which is a replaceable update of iOS 6 since the latest piece of the software. Since it has been arrived, iPhone as well as iPad customers have been in particular concerned about iOS 7 issues and problems that have a huge impact on the experience. At present, we are here to consider the biggest seven iOS 7 problems and give away powerful fixes potential to iPhone and for the users of iPad.

As their own part Apple has been done a wonderful job to keep the issues fixed plus their updates roaming out. Firstly, we observed iOS 7.0.1 come out to the iPhone 5s owners and also the iPhone 5c to get rid of such big problems on the day of launch.

iOS-7 bug

Keeping that in consideration, here we shared seven big iOS 7 issues about what we are receiving user’s complain as well as we are also offering severe powerful fixes for these problems for the needy ones.


The main problem regarding this update is the drainage of battery. iPad and iPhone vendors regularly complain about the bad impact that the updates of iOS have on the battery life as well as unfortunately iOS 7 didn’t leak their rage.

Even though a bundle of things are recommended by the people, we observe that there are few key fixes that owners of iPad and iPhone should attempt. The last course resort is directed to be as a hard device reset but somewhat actually that might be a blessing for those generous older devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Also occasionally they immensely help with the issues of battery life.


As past years are concerned, the argument forum of Apple has seen long-lasting issues in concern with the issues of Wi-Fi that iPad and iPhone vendors have been suffering from. The Venders complained of a huge list of complains from darken-out Wi-Fi to the uneven connections.

Also we propose you to try resetting the network settings on the device iPad or iPhone. In order to accomplish it, go to the option Settings, then General, open Reset and select Reset Network Settings. However, this fix is not a guaranteed one however certainly it is a way to attempt if the Wi-Fi is not working properly.


The users of iPhone iOS 7 have been protesting about problems with the service of iMessage after the release of iOS 7 and iOS 7.0.2. A number of workers are capable to obtain iMessages however not able to send as well as several are not able to send or receive them.

To fix this problem, try the toggling iMessage service on and off. Still, if this step does not work then effort to reboot your phone. If none of these acts work then go and rese the network settings of your device.

For resetting, open Settings, go to General, click Reset and finally select Reset Network Settings. This will make your phone reboot, and whereas the consumers will lose their Wi-Fi networks which are already stored, it will be overcome by simply reentering a Wi-Fi password which is not a big price to solve this issue.


A complain of iOS 7 that shortly emerged after the iOS 7 release was about keyboard lag. The owners of IPhone as well as iPhone 4s owners specifically, were very verbal regarding the lag which is found within the latest keyboard somewhat that creates email writing and messages writing a big deal.

First of all, it is advisable for users to open the app Settings and then open iCloud and select Documents & Data. This action will open one more window which will allow the toggle switch option. Make sure that this option is off and the issues of keyboard lag must dissolve. If this won’t work then you have to reset your network settings.


Additionally, with the issues of iMessage, we have been listening forward to the complain regarding another service by Apple i.e., FaceTime.iPad and  iPhone customers are experiencing apparently different connectivity issues with audio and visual calls on FaceTime as well as it is a thing that is related to the first hand experience.

By the help of Network Resetting Settings it may appears to be tricky for several such problems and seemingly it has gotten the rid of the kinks of FaceTime for several customers. IPad and iPhone customers will try to access such options i.e., Settings, go to General, click Reset and finally Reset Network Settings.


In the previous update iOS 6, lots.of security flaws were seen impacting the users of iPhone and iPad. Such flaws let the thieves to unlock the lock screen and then operate things such as contacts as well as the gallery and the camera. Quickly Apple made a work on it to overcome these security flaws and updates are also rolled out to get rid of these issues. However, the iOS 7 also holds the same issues.

The owners of iPhone will actually want to start up the app Settings and then touch on the Control Center. At that option, two options will be there such as Lock Screen Access as well as Within Apps Access. The Users will ask for the surety that Lock Screen Access is disabled. Such act will also prevent the Airplane Mode access even at the time when the iPhone is.locked by the help of passcode.


Well, we have been listening to the several issues regarding applications crashing process in the updated iOS 7 plus applications which are logging out iPhone as well as iPad customers for no obvious issue. This is not a issue of Apple so that must be app developer problems. Therefore, that states that likely these will not be a stability update of iOS 7 coming nearly soon.

As these apps are concerned with the people logging it out, customers may wish to keep it off the feature of Background App Refresh that is now accessible in the update of iOS 7. To achieve this, go to Settings, select the General options, and select Background App Refresh. May be this act seems to work for some people to fix this issue.

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