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4G LTE Launched By Warid

AT the 2014 GITEX technology week, Warid Telecom publicly announced its plans of 4G LTE though declaring Ericsson as its single roll-out partner of 4G LTE network.

CEO of Warid Telecom, Muneer Farooqui is going to declare that Ericsson will roll-out 4G LTE network of Warid allover Pakistan. It is said that 4G services of Warid will begin in some main cities however services will shortly be available at majority of cities with in some time period, said by the CEO of Warid Telecom.

This is the 1st time that Warid has openly announced a thing about its 4G LTE plans.

It is said by Warid that it has already spend almost US 100 million dollars for rollout of its network of 4G LTE till date. They are completely depending on Group of Dhabi, its close group has been led by Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan having a total amount of almost US 500 million dollars to fund next-gen network of Warid rollout.

However the result illustrates that Dhabi Group is positive regarding investing their money in Pakistan as rather than external funding the group determined to bring in almost US 500 million dollars into corporation.

Internal trial has been started by the Warid Telecom to check the network ability and service consistency so that the public testing will be declared by the company with a plan for 4G LTE allowed devices also. However Warid has just begun offering free SIMs of 4G LTE to its consumers who are having handsets which enabled 4G LTE.

Partnership of Warid with Ericsson symbols the expansion of long-standing relationship of Warid Telecom with Ericsson in a progress which will develop the experience of mobile broadband in Pakistan to pave the approach to a Networked culture, where the entire of the businesses and persons are allow to attain their complete potential.


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