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A 10.5 incher iPad pro for 2017 says Apple

Reportedly, Apple Inc is going to be launching a trio series of the well renown iPad and one of them includes a 10.5 incher iPad pro. Well, we did not expect this from Apple did we?

There are  also some other news for the people having a low budget. The Apple iPad pro which has an expanse of 9.7 inches is going to be less costly and also is the 2nd part of the trio we talked about earlier in this post. The third part of the trio that completes the lineup is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2.


One thing we can extrapolate from this report is that there is something up with the iPad Mini. We really feel sorry for the iPad mini fans but rumors say that the iPad mini will be no more manufactured by Apple as it has not been mentioned in the trio.

There could be an iPad mini and there could be not. We cant say it for sure but the analysts say that Apple will stop producing the iPad mini as the demand is shifting to the bigger screen versions. Also the point of iPad mini can be justified by a cheaper 9.7 incher iPad pro in the future which might be the same or even less price than the 7.9 inch iPad mini.

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